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Bathtub Modula

Artefakt Designed by Artefakt

"Reduce to identity"– reduction to qualities of unique identity in the world dominated by diversity is the characteritics of ARTEFAKT project. Its is the simplicity and focus on the most important which give products their identity and makes them become clear in their formal sense. Harmonious coexistence of sensuality and functionality unambiguously and clearly defines products' use and operation and is the entity of original DNA.

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Perfect aesthetics combined with carefully designed ergonomics creates sophisticated bathing experience. Elegantly shaped accessories make... »

Perfect aesthetics combined with carefully designed ergonomics creates sophisticated bathing experience. Elegantly shaped accessories make your bathting enjoyment complete. Modula® is supported with a full accessories program, which cen be partially refitted. This allows you to adjust Modula® bathub to create the ideal set up to match your changing living circumstances and ideas. «


Length: 1800mm
Width: 800mm
Internal length: 1615mm
Internal width: 670mm
Base length: 848mm
Base width: 500mm
Depth: 465mm
Installation height-bathtub: 615-680mm
Installation height-whirltub:635-675mm
Bathtub capacity: 150l

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Available product colours :

White (010)
Manhattan (020)
Pergamon (030)
Beige (101)
Slate grey (715)
Stone grey (730)
Grey (747)
Terra brown (828)
Cream (901)

Optional colours of light


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What the classical bathtub already provides for physical and mental relaxation, a high class whirltub surpasses by far. The pleasant warmth of the water harmonises perfectly with the two LED underwater spotlights, that turn the whirltub and the entire bathroom into a sea of color. When thanks to the whirl system the individual droplets dance on the water surface, it is a Deluxe whirling pleasure – made by HOESCH.

Reviva II

With the new whirlpool sytem Reviva II HOESCH re-defines the standard, as many optional features now forma part of the standard scope of delivery. Whether you prefer your whirltub with the modern keyboard on the tub rim or the remote control is entirely up to you. Go on a journey into your world of wellness with Reviva II and allow your body and mind the well-deserved relaxation.

Laola II

The slim whirl system Laola II is the ideal solution if you want to enter the HOESCH world of wellness without spending a lot. The whirl system is available in different versions: either with whirl- or air system or as a whirl-air combination. The combination includes six whirl- and up to 23 air jets, that ensure an energising whirl bath with sparkling bubbles and stimulating strokes of water. As standard feature a white underwater spotlight is included. Optionally the whirltub may be equipped with additional back- and foot jets – your guarantee for a more intense whirling experience.


Ease your back pain with TERGUM Is your corner tense? Is your back feeling the effects of countless hours at your desk? Anyone who spends a long time sitting down can frequently suffer from back pain. With our new TERGUM whirl system, back pain is a thing of the past. Unlike traditional systems with side and air jets, TERGUM has been specially developed to treat tension and circulatory problems in the back. With ten high-quality, precisely positioned back jets, the painful areas of your back are treated in a targeted way. To be good to yourself and your back, you therefore no longer need a complete whirl system in your HOESCH bathtub – just use TERGUM.

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