Bathtub Ergo+

Günther Horntrich Designed by Günther Horntrich

Universally understood, internationally reputable and at the same time surprising and experimentative - these are the criteria met in the products projects by prof. Günter Horntrich. The best example that the professor and his team can meet such requirements is i.a. the shower partition SensaMare Delight. Since 1973 prof. Horntrich and his team are active in various fields of design industry. Moreover, Professor himself is very active in "educational" area of communication, giving speeches at The Köln International School of Design. Another element of his extremely rich activity, also for HOESCH, is Design-Management. His engagement in training projects, creative seminaries or the initiative regarding HOESCH design awards are also worth mentioning.

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  • Awards :
  • Design Plus
  • Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
  • pro-K
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As the name implies: the new Ergo+ tub family from yellow design offers far more than mere ergonomics for the bath. More freedom of movement... »

As the name implies: the new Ergo+ tub family from yellow design offers far more than mere ergonomics for the bath. More freedom of movement not only with the oval, rectangular or square models but also with the corner version. More individuality, because each model is available as a fitted or a freestanding version with glass panelling – as a bathtub or whirltub. More bathing pleasure thanks to the overflow all around, optionally with LED lights. It allows you to immerse yourself more deeply when taking a bath and serves as a splash guard when whirling. Upon request, further extras are the nCorner cushions and armrests made of skin-friendly gel material. «


Length: 2000mm
Width: 1600mm
Internal length: 1800mm
Internal width: 1400mm
Base length: 1000mm
Base width: 1045mm
Depth: 480mm
Installation height-bathtub: 660-700mm
Installation height-whirltub: 700mm
Bathtub capacity: 514l

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Available product colours :

White (010)

Optional colours of light


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Thanks to the circumferential overflow channel and the optional LED lighting the bathing experience is unique: For deeper immersion in the tub and splashing during the whirling. All Ergo+ tubs are equipped with an automatic water drain and a keyboard operated by finger tipp. The optionally available lighting package creates the perfect ambiance to relax.


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