The bathroom is becoming Solique

New design highlights in innovative mineral casting

Up to now the prestigious bathroom manufacturer, HOESCH, has been known mainly for its high quality acrylic products. Since 2012, though, it has been striking out in a new direction with Solique, an innovative composite material made from dolomite, resin and hardener. The result is an extremely hard mineral casting with superb material properties and a resilient gelcoat surface. From the very first Solique products we launched, its potential was obvious. The MUNA shower trays, just 30mm deep, were an immediate hit with customers and fitters not only for their sophisticated look and sleek design, but also because they are easy to install and care for.

There are now several models in seven shades and various shapes, in the MUNA 77 shower tray collection alone. Their smooth, shiny surfaces ensure that they blend elegantly into any bathroom or wellness area. When made from Solique, shower trays retain their strength and shape over the long term, even in large sizes. 

The HOESCH range also includes other attractive Solique bathroom products such as the freestanding NAMUR bath. It has a modern oval shape and very narrow edges that make it a striking feature in any room. The exclusive NAMUR design has also won recognition from an outside party: it won a "special mention" in the Bath and Wellness category of the German Design Awards 2016. The material properties are also excellent: Solique has insulating properties, which give the positive effect of keeping bath water pleasantly warm for longer.

For the finishing touch to your bathroom HOESCH offers matching NAMUR washbasins which echo the fine, elegant shape of the NAMUR bath in their own stylish interpretation. And that is by no means the end. HOESCH already has more Solique products in the pipeline, which will make the bathroom even more Solique in future.


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