Solique washbasin

HOESCH prides itself on manufacturing every single product in accordance with the highest standards of quality and design. At the same time, we also place great emphasis on ensuring that our high-quality individual solutions also interact harmoniously and effectively in the bathroom to delightful effect. As you might expect then, the renowned bath manufacturer has now also added washbasins to match the exclusive bathtubs in its range.














La Senia washbasin

The washbasin attachment resembles its big sister, the free-standing LaSenia bathtub. It combines rounded edges with angles, creating a simple yet exclusive soft-edge design that is truly delightful. The smooth surface makes it especially easy to care for. In addition to ease of cleaning, the washbasin is also distinguished by its excellent durability, which is a characteristic of all products made from the innovative material Solique.

Namur washbasin

A sister for the Namur bathtub, which won a German Design Award: This washbasin attachment echoes the beautiful, filigree shell shape of the Namur bathtub family. The deep oval washbasin is incomparably elegant but at the same time exceptionally practical. And because Solique is extremely hard, the beauty and grace of this washstand are virtually everlasting.

Namur Lounge washbasin

The Namur Lounge washbasin attachment is a real gem for every bathroom. Its design reflects that of its big sister, the Namur Lounge bathtub, and its elegant appearance is simply enchanting. The aesthetic shaping of the washbasin, with rims which fan out delicately, is a particular attraction of this model. Together with the Namur Lounge bathtub, it creates a personal lounge area in every bathroom!

Carta washbasin

The Carta washbasin is every bit as chic as it is functional; it delights from every angle, showcasing its maximised aesthetics and its minimalist design. The washbasin can be mounted directly on the wall. The angular shape ensures comfortable use, while the modern lines harmonise perfectly with other Hoesch brand products. The storage space at the back is perfectly suited to holding a toothbrush beaker or soap.


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