Germany’s toughest test magazine confirms it: HOESCH is “Top Home & Living brand 2018”.

At renowned bath manufacturer HOESCH, ensuring that each and every product meets the highest quality and design standards is an integral element of the company’s identity. But how can the quality of a brand and its products really be measured externally? One objective method is through the use of laboratory testing – to measure the durability of a product, for example. However, the various everyday experiences that customers have with the products is no less interesting when it comes to evaluating them.

That is why well-known German test magazine TESTBILD teamed up with leading global statistics portal STATISTA to survey more than 5,300 people over four weeks. The aim was to discover the top brands for 2018 on the Home & Living market, particularly in the Bathroom & Wellness sector.  The top 5 brands in each product category were determined based on the following evaluation criteria: quality, durability, functionality, design, sustainability and price-performance ratio.

HOESCH ranked among the top 5 brands in all three categories relevant to the company. The bath manufacturer came in a strong third in the Shower trayand Shower cabincategories, and placed fifth in the Bathtubs and whirlpoolscategory. This is an excellent result in every sense. However, HOESCH will not be resting on its laurels in the wake of the extensive customer survey quite the opposite! In order to continue to do justice to the growing expectations and requirements of its customers, the bath manufacturer will continue to test and retest its products and make further improvements.

The company believes that this is the only way it can be sure of winning even more attractive awards in the coming years, to complement its distinction as the Top Home & Living brand 2018. Further details on the TESTBILD seal can be found in TESTBILD Issue 2/2018.

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