Ever Clean from HOESCH – more than only the glass

The chemical hydrophobic coating is unnecessary for easier cleaning of the shower enclosure. HOESCH offers the easy, practical and ecological solutions.

The system works thank to the chemical and physical modification of the glass properties. Ever Clean has been developed by the Research and Development Laboratory of HOESCH and has been tested to be sure that it meets the functionality irreproachable. Water drops flow off the glass easier and faster without leaving hard to remove smudges. The shower enclosure is longer clean and transparent. Even the cleaning is easier and more pleasant, because all strong detergents do not have to be used. Using more gentle detergents is more beneficial not only for our health but also for our wallet and the environment. Glass enriched by Ever Clean technology is the guarantee of satisfaction for couple of years, full functionality and unique aesthetic. The system is available with products of series: SenseEase, SensePerience, Ciela, Thasos, Muna, One & One, Free, Adana and Sensa Mare Delight.


Ever Clean is:

- Aesthetic - water drops flow off the glass easier and faster without leaving hard to remove smudges

- Comfort – glass is easier to keep in clean

- Saving – strong detergents are not necessary 

- Ecology – possibility of using gentle and environment friendly cleaners.

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