BMW at HOESCH – a partnership in the luxury segment

HOESCH and BMW are two brands which are synonymous with the highest standards in innovation and design. This shared exclusivity led BMW to visit our company headquarters in October 2017, and to publish a detailed company portrait in its “Business Class” magazine.

Nowadays a new, elegant bathroom featuring HOESCH products is as much a confirmation of a particular lifestyle as an elegant car such as the BMW 740Le iPerformance. The company portrait in the BMW magazine includes numerous photos, and demonstrates how perfectly the brands complement each other.

In an exclusive interview for the magazine, our Managing Director Beate Chlosta offers exclusive insights into the HOESCH tradition, vision and production line. The article highlights the ways the two companies are similar: their high technical and aesthetic standards as well as their trailblazing spirit. Of course, it’s no surprise that the HOESCH and the Sanplast Group vehicle fleets include numerous BMWs.

BMW_BC_03_17_Unternehmensportraet.pdf(1.1 MB)

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