Age-appropriate bathroom design with HOESCH - Clever design incorporates comfort and convenience for the 50+ generation

Anyone planning or redesigning a bathroom often needs to do so with vision: looking forward to every age and all situations in life. Once designed and installed, your very own dream bathroom should also remain so, for a lifetime. Long-term bathroom design therefore means that each and every one of us – from children to the over-50s – feels at home and can move around freely. Not least because bathrooms, in particular, tend to be an intimate place of retreat.

However, when you look at the contemporary designs of HOESCH models, you’re unlikely to associate them with “accessibility”. And yet, concealed behind their elegance and innovative shapes, is precisely the epitome of accessibility: comfortable, convenient and practical for all generations. HOESCH product developers are guided by standards, including DIN 18040, to combine aspects, such as safety, threshold-free design and adequate space to move, with a contemporary design.

Barrier-free shower cabins

The HOESCH range therefore includes a large number of shower enclosures, which simplify access as walk-in showers, totally without doors and trip hazards. At the same time, these open showers, level with the floor, make the bathroom appear bigger. Examples of this include the MUNA Walk-In, Ciela, One & One or the new Free enclosure, the name of which does not promise what it cannot deliver. An extremely practical feature is that the width of the open side of the shower can be individually decided in the home.

If, on the contrary, you would prefer to have a completely separate shower cabin with door, you are guaranteed to be won over by the HOESCH Senior Solution shower enclosure: it features a sophisticated hinged door, which opens outwards with a very wide entrance, sits flush with the floor and boasts safety glass with EverClean coating. The shower cabin is installed as a corner quadrant and has been specially developed for senior living.

The shower cubicles have no threshold when combined with an ultra-flat MUNA shower tray and its height of 30 mm can be fitted flush with the floor with ease. People of all ages will experience even more freedom of movement and safety of movement with the optional non-slip Solique Pro surface (slip resistance in compliance with slip rating C). Once again here, there is no need to overlook individual style requirements due to the desire for accessibility, as MUNA is available in countless shapes and sizes and in 7 sophisticated colours.

HOESCH shower partitions have an EverClean coating to provide ease of cleaning of the glass surfaces. The chemical and physical properties of the glass have been modified to ensure that the water simply rolls off. The glass remains crystal clear and clean for longer.

Baths for people of all ages

The Modula model of acrylic bath stands out above all the other baths. It comes across as a modern style icon and, thanks to its ergonomic design and smart accessories, it promises a comfortable and safe bathing experience. A swivel seat on the rim ensures that users can comfortably enter the bath, with a handle on the rear rim of the bath offering additional security. The washing seat, made of PU which is soft against the skin, slightly raises users when sitting in the bath, ensuring that it is easier to get out. Alternatively, the washing seat can also be positioned across the bath to use the bath as a foot bath. Depending on your sitting position, a round back and head rest at the end of the bath provides gentle support and helps you to find a relaxed bathing position. All accessories are very practical and also extremely attractive in minimalist black.

HOESCH also offers the free-standing, rectangular LaSenia bath made of Solique material in a version with a lower entry height. This bath is only 440 mm high and so is easier to enter and exit. The adjustable backrests increase comfort when lying and comfortably adapt to the user’s individual lying position. The soft and contemporary design of the bath is sure to appeal to style-conscious people.

Renovation without major upheaval

HOESCH has a range of renovation systems if an existing bathroom is to be converted to meet the needs of the over 50s, avoiding the time-consuming removal of wall coverings and tiles. The panels are simply applied to the wall using a special adhesive, without creating any dirt and dust. The panels give the bathroom a bright new appearance, at the same time guaranteeing trouble-free cleaning.

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