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A healthy balance between hot and cold Taking a steam bath in the summer seems contradictory only at first. In fact, the soothing warmth of a steam bath is nothing like the muggy, oppressive summer heat. Quite the opposite – alternating between warm and cold is refreshing and improves circulation. The moist heat relaxes muscles, improves the complexion and pampers your respiratory passages. Summer flu doesn't stand a chance! »


Whether it's coloured lighting from underwater spotlights or your favourite songs playing from the invisible sound system InvisibleSound – HOESCH's high-tech, state-of-the-art products are a neat and clever addition to contemporary bathroom designs and turn your bathing or whirling session into a truly pampering experience to soothe all your senses. »


With the new Namur, HOESCH is supplementing its portfolio by adding a freestanding bathtub that has what it takes to be the star in any bathroom. Because the oval bath is not only an eye-catcher but it also guarantees a long bathing experience. The highlight: The Solique material used – mineral composite using dolomite – keeps the water in the bath warm for a long time. »


New dual “Tergum for two” whirl system from HOESCH »


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