Picture database

In the HOESCH image database we have compiled a large collection of product photos in high quality and resolution for you. You can use these appealing images to ensure your websites, flyers and brochures provide the best possible insight into the high-quality product world of HOESCH.

What do you need to do?

It is not necessary to register for images with a low resolution (72 dpi). These images can simply be downloaded from the database. Please note, however, that in order to publish an image it is necessary to obtain consent from HOESCH. Please contact us for permission to use the photos. For each photo, please also provide the product name and give the company HOESCH as the source.

For images with a higher resolution (300 dpi), it is necessary to complete a brief registration process. Then the team at HOESCH will grant you access to the download area for the image database. You are then free to select, download and use the images for your own advertisements and image cultivation.

Important: Please note that in this case too the image rights remain with HOESCH and publication is only permitted with reference to the source. Please always provide the product name and give the company HOESCH as the image source.

Getting started: complete the brief registration process and you will be able to access the download area shortly!

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