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International award "Designpreis Baden Württemberg" is many years constant part of the landscape of the competition in Germany. Designers and companies from around the world apply every year their most innovative products and solutions and participate in the competition for outstanding and setting out the future trends in design. This renowned designer prize receives high recognition in the country and abroad and especially prized for its seriousness and not commercial orientation. Attended by entrepreneurs and designers in various categories such as production, assembly, logistics as well as bathroom, sanitary ware, wellness.

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Designers Adolf Babel
Design Plus

Design Plus competition of fairs Messe Frankfurt is one of the most important over- brand symbols of innovative design brand. With the extension of the name of Design Plus powered by ISH, two well-known brands concentrate soon awarded products and will ensures even more than before about successful communication. Also in 2011 the competition will be sent to participants in ISH. Design Plus powered by ISH award is granted for an unique and very innovative design. Also important are the following criteria: climate protection, energy efficiency and long-lasting effect. For producers and designers this award is a great marketing tool. It signals the user above-average product quality.

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Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Designpreis award is official design award in Germany. It is the main action of the ministry of economy and supporting design technologies. This prize is awarded annually since 2006 for outstanding creative achievements in product design and communication. Companies can not apply for Designpreis, they are rather nominated by the Economic Ministers of the member countries. The condition for nomination is that the product has already been awarded at least one national or internationl prize. No other award does not constitute such a crude criterion for the participants. German award Designpreis is determined by many leaders in the field of design as a “prize of prizes”. Additionally, in the years 2010 and 2011, a promising young designer received a grant for young designers.

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Designpreis Deutschland

The best desing deserves the best prize: exactly the German Design Award. It is awarded annually by the design board for outstanding achievements in product design and comminication design. Personalities are also rewarded in the design. In addition, young designers are honored with subsidy for future successors. It is reward for outstanding work. For the small group are selected only those works which on the one hand, set new trends, on the other hand, are the market and has laready proved its market understanding.The competition wants to discover, demonstrate and reward innovative and creative international trends. So the design that differentiates. Perceiving this award in this way, participations in this competitions is something for the best. Winning this contest too.

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Designers Code.2.design NOA
DP3D Goldene Flamme

DPD3D aim is to show what is the importance of conducting a three-dimensional brand in times of synergistic markets, medial flooding of stimulus and intensifying competition crushing. Therefore, they are awarded creative activities that reflect the brand’s appreciably by its identity and value in the transfer form. DPD3D wants to be by the award “ Goldene Flamme: signpost as to force context between design and brand, and thus develop a new metric design 3D. Goldene Flamme is a special prize DP3D. The Prize is awarded in five categories: construction, industrial buildings, a world sensations, an interior design and world of products, temporary architecture, world products, useful art, consmer goods and the world of devices, furniture. Additionally, the jury awards three special awards for the convergence of all three-dimensional actions of one company, the best ambassador of German designer culture and the best publisher on 3D.

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German Design Award Special 2016

The German Design Award directly contributes
to the overall commercial success. Prizes will only be awarded to projects that truly represent pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape. The highly esteemed, international jury of experts guarantees this. The German Design Award identifies and presents unique design trends: a competition that advances the design-oriented scene.

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Good Design Award is one of the oldest and having the greatest tradition of designer awards. Founded in 1950 by Edgar Kaufmann, is awarded annually for challenging and innovative projects design. The creator, organizer and founder of the award Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. It is the most prestigious cultural institution in Chicago and the only museum of this kind in the USA. With over 3,000 entries from over 40 countries annually, Good Design Award is one of the most desirable trophies. The jury consists of representatives of the companies, international diplomats and professional designers and evaluates primarily by the following criteria: innovation, form, material, design, concept, functionality and utility value and products aesthetic impression.

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The award “iF design award” is, since its introduction in 1953, a permanent, well-known brand mark with regard to “perfect” creation. For every buyer of designer products “iF award” is a means of orientations in the market because it indicates a desire for innovation and the courage to compare with the competition. With over 1,100 participants from over 30 countries, the competition “iF design award” is one of the most important one in the world. With more than 2,300 submitted products, an international jury of experts select the winner of the “iF Label”, whose presentations of products on the exhibition at iF fair area notify for seven months more than 300,000 visitors on the latest trends in design. IF basis for the range of services creates in total five independent, equal rights designer competitions: the iF product design award, iF communication design award, iF design award china, the iF material award, the iF brand Best of CeBIT award, iF concept award and iF gold award.

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The industry association of half-finished products and consumer products made of plastic (Pro-K) connects and represents the interests of producers of plastics and their suppliers. Under the slogan "Plastic: material of the 21st Century", the association considers to show the many possibilities of application, the enormous potential and characteristics of plastics. It actively promotes the image of plastic and its products to support its members in competition as its mission. At the national and European level, pro-K is engaged in education and training, technology use, business administration, standardization, technical marketing, monitoring of the market, trademark protection, public relations and radvocacy. With the award “ Product of the Year” innovative, creative and well-functioning and designed products made of plastic have been awarded for 30 years. The eminent and independent jury of experts evaluates products of nine categories. In total, 18 products are awarded. The winning products are presented on a special show at the world’s biggest consumer fair “ Ambiente” in Frankfurt a.M. and fulfil the necessary condition to apply for the Award of design of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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Designers Günther Horntrich
red dot design award

Thanks to the red dot design award the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen created one of the most prestigious international competitions. Only in 2011 there were over 14,000 entries from over 70 countries. The “red dot” award has become one of the most desirable symbols of the outstanding quality of design in the world. Awarded items are presented by the Design Zentrum Nordhein Westfalen in the museum red dot at least a year. First –class work of the jury ensures that competition has an excellent reputation and international recognition. Judicial composition changes each year and guarantees a high level of objectivity and fairness. Delivered products are evaluated by different criteria, such as innovation, functionality, formal quality, long-lasting effect, ergonomics, symbolic and emotional content as well as self-evident aspect of the product. In order to evaluate the diversity of design professionally , the red dot award is divided into different disciplines „red dot award: product design“, „red dot award: communication design“, „red dot award: design concept“, which , since 2005, are granted annually in Singapore.

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universal design award

All the entries submitted to the universal design award are closely and critically examined and tested by a jury of experts as well as by a consumer jury. The evaluation criteria for the entries are broad and flexible usability, easy and intuitive operation, safety and error tolerance, intercultural character and economy. All the participating entries, whether products, architectures or services, are eligible to receive the universal design award as well as the universal design consumer favorite. The jury of experts is made up each year of well-known designers and architects who implement the topic of universal design themselves as a special focus in their work. This experienced jury selects the entries that are to receive the universal design award. 100 people of all different ages and across all professions make up the consumer jury for the universal design award. They put the entries submitted to the »acid test« and decide which ones will receive the universal design consumer favorite award and which ones won’t.

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Designers Code.2.design